Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Gadiel's Triumphant Return (from HT)

Here at The Weight we have had the distinction of being linked by some of our favorite sites out on the Interweb and its time to return the favor. Scotty B over at Hidden Track very eloquently stated that Andrew Gadiel's PHiSH page is back in existence with the following statement:
For all four years of my college experience I never changed the “homepage” that loaded when I would start Netscape. Andy Gadiel’s Phish Page was always the first thing I wanted to see when I booted up the ol’ 486. Mr. Gadiel took down the page shortly before Phish broke up, but, in what has to be the surest sign yet of the brahphacy, Andy Gadiel’s Phish Page returned this morning with that same old look and exciting new material.
Gadiel's page, and specifically his Phish rumor page, was constantly being refreshed throughout my college years also. Every time a setlist was posted it was like Christmas morning. I couldn't agree more with Scotty when he says this could be the sign that we are all heading back on tour.

::Purchases station wagon off Craigslist and digs out old tapes::


Some Dude said...

Begins to learn how to make 10 ingredient Veggie Burritos.

WeightStaff said...

::Elaborately decorates mail order envelope::

Scott Bernstein said...

I'm already saving for a trip to The Gorge next summer!!