Sunday, April 15, 2007

Cat Power Tourdates

I guess you could call it a guilty pleasure. Although I'm certainly not alone in my fondness for Cat Power, as she has received top praise from countless critics over the last few years. She has been through quite a personal journey over that time and has overcome significant obstacles to be able to have gained the success that she has today. I would have been a fan of hers otherwise, but it is the added backstory that makes me appreciate what she has achieved even more.

As some background on her highly publicized battle with alcoholism, from Wikipedia:
In the winter 2006 edition of Venuszine, Cat Power was the cover story, giving a candid yet heartfelt interview about the cancellation [of concerts in Paris and London] earlier in the year. What results is a detailed, blow-by-blow account of a mental breakdown that resulted in a stay in Miami's Mount Sinai Medical Center psych ward. During this time Marshall was abusing alcohol, as well as contemplating suicide.

An intervention finally came when close friend Susanna Vapnek, a painter from New York, flew down to Miami and checked Marshall into Mt. Sinai. This led to a huge turnaround: "On the fourth day, I forced myself to look in the mirror... I was telling myself that it was going to be OK- that, either way, I could accept whatever I was going to see. And I opened my eyes and I was myself, who I was... I saw my freckles, brown eyes, messed-up teeth... but I was so happy to see those fucked-up teeth and those freckles. I was like 'It's me!' I was so fucking happy. It was like, damn, I was back. I realized that I am sane, smart, funny, friendly, nice, and that I've got a lot of things I want to share with my friends. I realized that being in there wasn't me."
If you live close to one of these cities...or even if you don' yourself a favor and attend one of her upcoming gigs:

Brooklyn, NY - McCarren Pool (July 7)
Boston, MA - Avalon Ballroom (8)
Northampton, MA - Pearl Street (9)
Toronto, Ontario - Phoenix (10)
Detroit, MI - Majestic Theatre (13)
Chicago, IL - Union Park (14)

You can also listen to her entire live set from DC's 9:30 Club, as part of NPR's ongoing broadcasts from the venue. In addition to Cat Power, her backing band the eight-piece Memphis Rhythm Band, are the perfect compliment to her, bringing a 70s southern soul vibe complete with brass, strings, and hammond organ.

Cat Power
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