Saturday, April 14, 2007

Lindsey Buckingham: Under His Skin

Lindsey Buckingham has always been known as a perfectionist. It's a significant reason why Fleetwood Mac had the number of hits that they had and the astronomical success that they acheived. But this story is a bit ridiculous. I saw Lindsey's solo show in Virginia last year, and it was a fantastic I never expected to see, but I couldnt pass up the opportunity to see him so up close and personal at the State Theater. In preparation for that concert, I listened to his latest solo album "Under The Skin". It's a CD I highly recommend. With intensely personal lyrics, some killer guitar playing, and the highest production quality that only Lindsey would accept, this album should be more well known. There is just no forum for him to get any real mainstream press these days.

As a solo artist promoting his latest solo album in 2007, Buckingham is playing venues like the Rococo Theater in Lincoln, Nebraska. Oh, but wait. It seems that in a fit of pique over the Rococo's sound system, Buckingham stormed out of the Rococo an hour before ticket holders arrived.

Presumably, the ensuing verbal battle between the Buckingham camp and the Rococo camp holds some clue as to what actually happened.

Buckingham's Web site: "The venue has its own in-house sound system but today, when Lindsey’s sound engineers assessed the quality of this system, they determined it to not be adequate for Lindsey’s show to be properly presented."

Rococo Director of Events Pam Gregorios: "Rococo staff and management were put off by his diva-like behavior in declaring our beautiful facility a "****ing ****hole" and wondered if he always felt it necessary to be so rude to people who are simply trying to put on a good show."

Oh, well. You know what they say. Divas will be divas. The 600 ticket holders will get refunds.

If this clip doesn't prove to you that Lindsey Buckingham is a master of the guitar and a tremendous talent in general, you will never be convinced:

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