Monday, April 16, 2007

Slash Reads The Weight

After just recently posting my hopes that GnR and STP would reunite, the NME comes out with this story about that very thing. It must be that Slash was inspired by us. Or could it just be that he is working the PR machine just in time for his band to begin their US tour.
Slash has admitted that he wants his band Velvet Revolver to stop playing songs by Guns N Roses and Stone Temple Pilots, and would instead like the two groups to reunite.

Slash also announced to Chilean magazine Rock & Pop that he intends to drop Guns N Roses and Stone Temple Pilots songs from the setlist later this year.

However speaking to the Brazilian branch of MTV, the star, who left Guns N Roses in 1996, said reunions of both bands are a possibility.

"I'm not saying never," he explained. "You know, I was saying it would be a good idea to get, just for a couple of shows, to get the original STP and the original Guns N Roses just to do a couple of shows for the fun of it."

Meanwhile, Velvet Revolver's US tour begins on May 4, though their second album 'Libertad' has had its release pushed back from early June this year to later that month.

The first single from the LP will be called 'She Builds Quick Machines'.

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