Thursday, April 5, 2007

Page Plays Phish

As Trey has been apt to do, Page "MC Neon Gelcap" McConnell returned to his Phish roots last night at the Gramercy Theater in NYC by performing "Strange Design" as part of a two-song encore. Sitting through his entire new album would have been worth it just to hear him sing this tune. I'll keep an ear out for anyone posting this show.

Last night Page McConnell played his first proper solo club gig at New York’s Gramercy Theatre. In addition to the keyboardist, McConnell’s band includes Spam Allstars guitarist Adam Zimmon, keyboardist/guitarist Jared Slomoff, bassist Rob O'Dea, and drummer Gabe Jarrett. The quintet opened its show with “Back In the Basement” and ran through a number of tracks off Page McConnell, including “Runaway Bride,” “Maid Marion,” “Heavy Rotation,” “The Complex Wind,” “Rules I Don't Know,” “Close to Home,” and “Beauty of a Broken Heart.” For his encore McConnell offered a solo version of Phish’s “Strange Design” and a full band take on “Everyone But Me.” By the end of the evening McConnell had performed his new album in its entirety.


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