Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Phil Lesh @ SOBs - 4/10/07 - Live Updates

Molo is in on drums tonight.
Warren Haynes sit-in after The Weight
Warren left after Viola

Set 1:
Franklins Tower
Friend of the Devil
The Weight [thanks for the shoutout Phil! :)]
Ship Of Fools (Warren vocal)
Blow Away (Larry McCray vocal)
Cold Rain and Snow (Phil vocal)

Set 2:
Jam >
Viola Lee Blues >
Jam > Viola
Candyman (Larry McCray vocal)
Cryptical Envelopment >
Other One > Particle(?) Jam
Terrapin Station [*aborted early*] > guitars being retuned > Terrapin Station
I Know You Rider

E: Next Time You See Me

"Blow Away"
Words and music by Brent Mydland and John Perry Barlow

A man and a woman come together as strangers
When they part they're usually strangers still
It's like a practical joke played on us by our Maker
Empty bottles that can't be filled


Baby who's to say it could have been different now that it's done
Baby who's to say that it should have been, anyway
Baby who's to say that it even matters in the long run
Give it just a minute
And it will blow away
It'll blow away

You fancy me to be the master of your feelings
You barely bruise me with your looks to kill
Though I admit we were sometimes brutal in our dealings
I never held you against your will


Your case against me is so very clearly stated
I plead no contest, I just turn and shrug
I've come to figure all importance overestimated
You must mean water when you beg for blood (note 1)


Like a feather in a whirlwind
Blow away
Just as sure as the world spins
Blow away


"Blow Away"
Recorded on
Built To Last
Dozin' at the Knick


scottyb said...

Great coverage my friend. Thanks for the updates.

phil friend said...

Thanks for posting setlist.
Larry on Blow Away, WOW. That is one strong vocal to pull off.

Anonymous said...

This is kind of random, but have Phil and Levon Helm ever played together?

And if so, Why not? Obviously only Phil and not the WEIGHTSTAFF can answer this question, but the Larry Campbell link plus the fact that it seems that Phil has been light one drummer recently plus Phil playing Band songs all the time anyway got me thinking...