Thursday, April 12, 2007

What's In a Code Name

Not since Alkaline Trio and And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead have I been so interested in listening to a band just because I think they have a sweet name. Next up on that list:


From Wikipedia:
yourcodenameis:milo's style has been influenced by earlier post-hardcore/progressive bands, especially the likes of Cave In, Fugazi, and At the Drive-In. Themes such as space/sci-fi dominate their sound and elements, such as track titles and artwork, are often quirky and in-line with a very specific motif the band have created for themselves (The Designers Republic are responsible for the band's early artwork with Storm Thorgerson producing artwork from the Rapt. Dept. EP onwards).

Also known by by their short name, Milo, the band released their "brilliant" new album 'They Came From The Sun' on Monday (02 April in the UK) which includes the single 'Understand'.

I put this track somewhere in between Blink 182 and The Killers.


Erik said...

I'd actually change up your definition somewhat. I'd say more Blink182 in the last six or seven years after they went mainstream. To listen to their older stuff that was put out on Cargo records, it's almost like listening to a different, much more "raw" band (which is great).

And the whole Killers thing ... I hate how The Killers have become this benchmark for what music of "today" sounds like as in reference to. They followed that rebirth and transformation genre of 80s Brit-Pop that has become popular again. Except I have two major gripes about The Killers.

1 - They're not actually British.
2 - They wear makeup.

The Killers the The Bravery should be put on a small leaking boat and sunk somewhere out in the Gulf of Mexico. They're SoCal roots aren't fooling anyone, and they'd much rather be rock stars than good musicians.

The Killers are about as cool as Fall Out Boy is emo.

Erik said...

Jesus, was I drunk when I wrote the last paragraph. That first "the" should be an "and." And having been a Journalism major way back in the day, I actually know the differences between their-there-they're. I think I had originally written something else and erased everything except the "they're."

D.S. said...


D.S., Weightstaff

WeightStaff said...

I still stand by my comparison. I wasnt trying to give a qualitative assessment, just pointing out the sonic similarities.

And I don't think it can be argued that this track sounds like Tom Delonge fronting the Killers.

I also happen to really like this song. Would probably sound pretty cool live with the crowd singing along.