Friday, April 13, 2007

Meatloaf is Burnt

In order to aid this post, I have to admit that I watched Meatloaf sing on the season finale of American Idol last year. It was entirely evident to me that this was a singer who was well done with his prime. He rarely hit a note on-key and the audience response was luke warm at best. I'm willing to acknowledge that this man was a superstar at one time, he could even sing like a bat out of hell in the 70s, but sometimes you gotta know when to walk away, when the meal is done.


In what is becoming an all too common occurrence lately, Meat Loaf has become the latest aging rock star to prematurely end a concert due to voice problems. The concert in Boca Raton, Florida last week (April 5) ended after just four songs.

Guest blogger Jim Smith was among those who left without much more than a ticket stub to show for it.

Must be something about aging and rock lead singers. Meat had to call it a night four songs in. He sang on three of them.

One of the band members came out and made apologies -- the obligatory "Hang on to your stubs, Meat really wanted to play tonight, but he's been sick."

Costuming was borderline "Lounge Lizard Glam" but it's rock, so no prob! I was 10th row, dead center and the sound was great. I had my kids with me. They thought the staging was cool and the band was really good. Smart kids.

I have to be honest. He was shot. The last song he sang, "Out Of The Frying Pan" was the only one where he was on key, and then only on the last two stanzas. It was more than sad. He mutilated "Paradise" and "Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth."

The band and all the folks on backup vocals tried to carry him. He's a big man who sings big. There was no covering for him.

It turns out that Mr. Loaf has a bad case of flu. Scheduled concert dates are being rescheduled while he recovers.

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