Sunday, May 27, 2007

Bob's Just Like a Rolling Stone

"We'd like to do a song now that we wrote...I mean that Bob Dylan wrote for us."

Mick Jagger's opening words to 'Like a Rolling Stone' in which Dylan came out and performed the song with The Rolling Stones in South America on 1998's Bridges to Babylon tour. Seeing Mick and Keith in their rock 'n' roll badass gear alongside Bob in his "Troubadour Cowboy at the Grand 'Ol Opry" uniform, I can't help but smile.

I learned when researching this clip that Dylan actually opened a number of shows for the Rolling Stones on their South American leg of the B2B tour and Dylan was usually in the Stones lineup for this number. Here is the YouTube clip. It's a little rough in the beginning with Dylan's mike not in the mix until about 1 minute into the song. It's worth the wait.

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