Monday, May 21, 2007

Keep it Loose, Keep it Tight

With all of the stresses of every day life, how do you know which things to truly worry about and which ones you should let go? Straightening the magazines on your coffee table until they are in a perfect stack - probably not something to get too bent out of shape over. Wondering if your grandkids will have a country to live in without the threat of getting attacked, okay something to think about. But not anything to necessarily change your routine over. What about, am I in the right job? What about, am I living in the right city? Or maybe I shouldn't be living in a city at all? Or, is the person I am waking up next to the right one to grow old with?

If you are AJ, the threat of a nuclear bomb, conflict in the Middle East, and pesticides on the dinner table are enough to put you at the bottom of a swimming pool. Intense, sure. But he just didn't know where to draw the line. He didn't know how to cope and how to let things roll off his back that are out of his control or just not worth worrying about. Where do you draw the line? (Don't worry, this isn't a major Sopranos spoiler. It's your own fault for not watching your Tivo yet. He's fine.)

I first heard Amos Lee's 'Keep it Loose, Keep it Tight' on Sirius Channel 30. The Coffee House. I knew of Amos Lee because he opened for Bob Dylan a bunch of years ago. And I figured Dylan is one of those artists who certainly would have some input into who opens for him. Then I remembered he had an acoustic Foo Fighters open for him, so maybe not so much. But anyway, thats why Amos Lee's name was familiar. But his music was not.

He is raw, honest, contemplative, but positive.

Sometimes, we forget what we got
who we are, and who we are not
I think we got a chance to make it right
keep it loose
keep it tight

sometimes we forget who we got
who they are, and who they are not
there is so much more in love than black and white
keep it loose child
gotta keep it tight

My interpretation: What matters most to you? Don't let that/them/it get away. But not everything is in your control. Keep a general sense of who you are and don't compromise. Even in the face of disappointment.

Short version: Relax, and just be who you are.

keep it loose child
gotta keep it tight

No, that wasn't Amos. But this kid on YouTube nails it. Better than any Amos clip. Just fanastic. Thanks, anaker00.

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