Saturday, May 26, 2007


The Black Crowes have had two tours which I missed that I've kicked myself over. One was touring the States with Oasis on the (kind of hokey but ultimately well-named) Brotherly Love tour. [Insert 'Behind The Music' theme music here] The other tour involved dusting off Jimmy Page as well as a number of his Zeppelin classics for a tour which yielded the CD 'Live at the Greek'. Jimmy Page hadn't been this relevant since he sat in with Diddy on SNL for the 'Come With Me' masterpiece written for the Godzilla soundtrack back in 1998.

From a 2000 news article:
Few bands have made their mark on rock music like Led Zeppelin. Their heavy blues-inspired material has become a staple for today's artists almost 20 years after the group's last album, "Coda." Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page has been revitalizing some of the band's most famous numbers along with a new generation of rockers, The Black Crowes.
The Black Crowes certainly weren't new generation in 2000, but what do you expect from old media like CNN. The writers for CNN still refer to The Rolling Stones as young whippersnappers. Glide Magazine, which is not old media! and is an excellent resource for music info of all genres, re-tipped me off to this collaboration with a YouTube clip of Jimmy and the Crowes in their media section . I also want to give a shout-out to Hidden Track (Glide's music blog) which is quickly becoming my favorite resource for music news, commentary, and blogging from guys I probably would have loved to have met in my freshman dorm. They were probably the guys with 500 Phish tapes but probably treasured a couple Miles Davis and Bob Marley bootlegs also. The Internet is such an awesome source for rediscovering music as anybody reading this knows so well already. The latest Billboard charts and newly released albums are as useless as a one-armed drummer (wait, forget that last comment). Bring me the classics.

The Black Crowes w/ Jimmy Page
Wanton Song
Jones Beach, Wantagh, NY
July 10, 2000

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