Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Weight New Release Dept: Paul McCartney

From the man that brought you Yesterday, Hey Jude, and Let It Be, here is...Dance Tonight.

Please leave the snickering to yourself. He is a Knight, after all. Informal poll: What do you like better: This little ditty, or the train wreck that was Paul's ode to America, 'Freedom'? I agree with a bunch of the YouTube comments that there is a definite 'Got My Mind Set On You' George Harrison vibe to the song and video. But honestly, how can this be the same person who wrote so many of the Beatles classics. Eleanor Rigby, anyone? Maybe the real Paul really is dead.


Isorski said...

Is this some horrible outtake from Magical Mystery Tour? Maybe there will be some other gems on the new album. I think I'll pass on this one!

WeightStaff said...

Leaving a comment on my own post...

From Lefsetz's letter today:

McCartney's obviously whacked. He thinks that execrable 9/11 "Freedom"
song is an anthem, whereas if he was my dad, I'd tell him not to let it
out of the studio, that it positively SUCKS!

When the best writes about what you already wrote feel pretty good. And once again, Freedom (the song, of course) sucks.


WeightStaff said...

Indeed...Sir Paul's "Freedom" haunts me still to this day. It is inexplicably bad. It plays in my head like some irritating Raffi song. But far worse than the song itself, are the people that like it. This is the reason you don't write songs inspired by current events...

Mellancamp's "Our Country" is a damn close second...


WeightStaff said...

Talkin' bout FREEDOM!!!!