Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Beatles Get a Little Help From Joe Cocker

Joe Cocker became famous for belting out "What would you do if I sang out of tune...". In fact, he is one of the more famous people out there for singing other people's tunes. So it is only fair that he help out the Beatles by singing an excellent version of 'Come Together' for new movie 'Across The Universe'. The flick utilizes Beatles tunes to tell a love story which takes place from Liverpool (where else?) all the way over to New York City.

Come Together was one of those Beatles tracks I appreciated but certainly had no real affinity for. The lyrics obviously made no sense (and weren't supposed to) and the stutter of the drums, bass, and vocal just didn't click for me. And then Aerosmith just flat out ruined it. And now here comes Joe Cocker bluesing up the tune in 2007. This is now my favorite/definitive version of the song. Joe, however old he is (alright, I looked it up...he's 63...we ARE supposed to be an informative blog) comes out and brings the passion and emotion to this track and really "dirties" it up which I think is his specialty.

Listen to the song below. And if any of the surviving Beatles want us to take the track down, it's no problem. Just e-mail us at The Weight.

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