Monday, October 22, 2007

The Weight, News Real

New York Magazine writes about Levon's recovery/new album. And about his dog, Muddy (as in Waters).

PopMatters reviews Neil Young's new album, Chrome Dreams II. The metacritic score is a 78, but from Rolling Stone, just a 60.

The Smoking Section:
  • Gets Coldplay to admit they steal from Radiohead
  • States that Counting Crow's 'August and Everything After' is a modern classic. Agreed.
  • Has Albert Hammond, Jr. mentioning The Strokes have a new album in the works, after he shows his love for his own solo work. Um, can you jump on over to that Strokes disc, please.
Nas, never one to avoid controversy (or publicity) wants to title his new album Nig***. Not with the asterisks, though. And, yes, Al Sharpton already has something to say about it. (mtvNews)

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