Saturday, October 27, 2007

ConcertBlast: Relive Bonnaroo 2007 features downloadable podcasts of concert reviews from the site's contributors. The many casts currently available include Styx, Vince Neil, The Police, and Bonnaroo 2007.

The Bonnaroo podcast runs 58 minutes and comes across as a radio show broadcast from inside the grounds. The 3 'hosts' describe the scene, talk to attendees, and allow the music to come through their microphones. I found them to be quite entertaining and certain fans of music. Their lack of familiarity with the bands made their commentary all the more interesting to listen to. It was a treat for me, as my own memories of attending this summer's Bonnaroo had begun to fade. I am certain that they must have been mere yards away from me as they enjoyed the sounds of Jonah Smith on the Sonic Stage.

Listen to the Bonnaroo podcast here

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