Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Pete Doherty: The Needle and No Damage Done

Pete Doherty is formerly of The Libertines and formerly a serious drug addict. He is much more known for the latter. Babyshambles is his current band. And their new album, Shotter's Nation, gets one hell of a review from The Observer Monthly. An excerpt: "It's also about love, loss, the British urban landscape, laughing at yourself, great guitars, exciting chord changes, tight rhythms, the Stones - Who - Kinks - (Small) Faces - Clash - Jam - Smiths - Happy Mondays - Stone Roses - Oasis - Blur history of Britrock, rich, simple production, songs with layers, a really good band and a singer who has relocated his voice." Wow, Well done Babyshambles. If I could write a FAKE review for myself, that is EXACTLY what it would say. Stay with those 12-steps, buddy.

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