Wednesday, January 23, 2008

421 Broome Street

I'm fascinated by celebrity and I have a drive to never want be left behind with yesterday's old news. Enter way too many Internet celeb sites during work. One of the things that even partly led me to move to New York had to do with the phantom celebrities that seemingly live in non-descript apartment buildings all around the city. They must be everywhere right?!? Just like 421 Broome Street where Heath Ledger's body was found.

I felt a pull to venture to 421 Broome today as I had some work to do in the area. Apparently I wasn't alone. I was shocked with the scene at the building almost 24 hours after Heath's passing. It was packed with news crews, paparazzi, adoring fans, fascinated bystanders, and folks with a morbid curiosity of gawking at where a famous individual made news by dying.

The pictures help tell the story:

Heath Ledger
Rest In Peace

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