Friday, January 25, 2008

The Weight - Birthday Countdown: Day 4

With the regular poster of The Weight's Birthday Countdown covers chillin' in VA with the North Mississippi All-Stars this evening, I kindly agreed to step in to perform his duties. I guess I have to do everything around here. And what am I doing home on a Friday night posting on this here site...I had to beat the midnight deadline for this assignment. So hear goes:

I happened to love The Strokes and the Arctic Monkeys happen to love The Strokes too. I guess you know you are getting old when a band you thought you were too old to be obsessed with (in my case The Strokes...saw them in FL back in '02 and the show was PACKED with high school kids) now have the next wave of bands obsessed with them. I guess things don't change because I'm almost 30 and am obsessed with Arctic Monkeys now too. They were around 15! in 2002. This is the song The Strokes ended their show with back in that field in Boca Raton (actually it was an outdoor shopping mall...who books their venues? Perez Hilton?). Notice I didn't say encore. Because when you are as cool as The Strokes think they were (and who am I to argue, I do think they are pretty damn cool) don't want to waste time with encores, than fine. Too bad the Arctic Monkeys caught on. They don't play any damn encores either. Here is Alex doing his best Julian doing his best drunk Lou Reed...Enjoy.

Listen: Take It Or Leave It
Arctic Monkeys cover The Strokes

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