Thursday, January 31, 2008


I love AT&T. After all, they are the network behind my favorite purchase of 2007, my iPhone. (Now cab rides are wasted away online just like my evenings. Whoa, too much honesty.) And I also love Ryan Adams. What I HATE is the two of them together. Ryan, why, oh why, did you lend your music to a freakin' commercial. With red cell phones and cartoon hearts! Uch. You think just because Wilco did it for VW, that makes it okay?

It doesn't make us love you more...

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WeightStaff said...

I've been saying it for years and everyone just called me "angry" and "bitter" (you know who you are - my fellow Weightstaffer...) Corporate America and rock n' roll don't mix. The whole thing disgusts me. But it's happening more and more -- Robbie Robertson sold out to AT&T also (at the time they were Cingular), Jeff Lynne (ELO) has sold out to pretty much every brand under the sun, and the Beatles, of all bands, have allowed their music to be featured in commercials for companies such as Target and JCPenney, as well as commercials for of all things, women's hair products!!! I mean, do Ringo and Paul (and Yoko) REALLY need the money??? Lennon must be rolling around in his grave. And now Ryan Adams. So sad.


DS, Weightstaff