Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Cat Scalp Fever

So Cat Power is playing Terminal 5 in New York City on February 6th. It looks like the scalpers for tickets are a little greedy and anybody buying tickets off these sites are a bit, um, dumb. Tickets on are selling tickets for between $92 and $111 a pop. Stubhub has tickets for $171!!!!

Reality: Seats are general admission, priced at $36 a piece, and ARE NOT SOLD OUT YET. If You want to see Chan, just go to ticketmaster. Just be careful not to get in my way at the show. I'm gonna be the guy with the 'Marry Me' sign and don't want to get the glitter all over you.


WeightStaff said...

umm...why weren't other members of the Weightstaff invited to attend this concert with you? Stalker...


barb michelen said...
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