Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Band [Guster]

I've never been a huge fan of Guster. Maybe it was the bongos in their earlier years or the "hey, I can do the same thing as these guys" mentality that once consumed me in my college days. But I recently stumbled upon this clip of their satirical and surprisingly entertaining spoof of The Band's The Last Waltz. To their credit, the rendition of "This Wheel's On Fire" is quite good and Brian Rosenworcel's reverent parody (if there is such a thing) of Richard Manuel is especially clever.

Okay, so maybe I like Guster a little more today than I did yesterday...

Description from YouTube:

Tweaked to tell the story of Guster, this is a shot for shot, line for line remake of our favorite scenes from The Last Waltz (The Greatest Concert Film of All-Time). Created as a promo for The Endless Highway, a tribute alblum for The Band, this was shot in two days on a shoestring budget. Produced and Directed by D.F. Yonkman for Guster and 429 Records.


WeightStaff said...

Nice find. Its a travesty that only 215 people have viewed this video so far. We need to spread the word.


nBocch said...

Guster's overly-polished sound betrays some serious talent sometimes.

Have you heard their cover of "Nothing But Flowers?" It's fantastic, imo.

WeightStaff said...

That is brilliant. The Manuel impression is sick. And for the record, I loved Guster WITH the bongos. Guster is a threesome damnit. Two acoustics and bongos. I gotta have more bongos!


Ryan said...

maybe completely off topic, but the cover got me thinking about Endless Highway and MMJ's rendition of It Makes No Difference... i can't stop playing that damn track, sick.