Friday, January 18, 2008

My Morning Presale

Like any true superfan of My Morning Jacket, I signed up for MMJ's fan club just yesterday to take advantage of today's fan club only pre-sale for their June 20th show at Radio City Music Hall. As this process should have been seamless and awarded the "true" fans (and I will exclude myself from this group for purposes of journalistic honesty), I will let the good commenters at BrooklynVegan tell of their dislike of this morning's events:

I couldn't get 2 tix...anyone else having probs?

This is fucked - I was logged in at 10:01, and couldn't get anything. What bullshit.

did this shit sell out already??

This music today site sucks every time I try to use it. The pre sales sell out in seconds. I was on right at 10 and they were gone. What a racket. I never seem to have problems with presales at other sites

And my personal favorite:

jesus christ monkey balls! fucking music today bullshit cock asses. was logged right in then got an error message .. refreshed, went for 2 tix and was denied.

UPDATE: MMJ Management Responds to BrooklynVegan Fan (Impressive!)

" Our sincerest apologies for the difficulty you had in getting tickets during the pre-sale. Honestly, the truth is that the demand pretty much overloaded the system. The 500 tickets we were allow to allot for this process sold out in ten minutes. Where this is an encouraging sort of ‘good news’ thing, we’re as frustrated as you are right now.

The show is going on sale on January 25th and there will be over 5,000 tickets available. You will NOT have a problem buying them then and as we only sold every-other-row for the first 35 rows for this pre-sale, kick ass seats will be available.

One last note: As My Morning Jacket and management are sensitive to and appreciative for our fans/friends passion for the show we elected to sell ALL seats at the same price, $39.50 so as not to make life difficult for anyone who wants to come see the matter where they live. Lastly, you will NOT have a problem getting tickets to this show. Our mixed emotions of enthusiasm for the speed with which this pre-sale reacted coupled with our empathy for how some folks had difficulty buying tickets is palpable.Thanks for reaching out and we look forward to seeing you at the show.Kindest Regards,"

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