Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Weight - Birthday Countdown: 1 Day

We first wrote about British band The Kooks back in March of last year. I have been listening to them on a regular basis since then, with their "She Moves In Her Own Way" as one of my favorite songs of last year. In a recent NME news post, the site states that The Kooks are finally coming to the States for some high profile gigs on the east and west coast, with two shows in LA and one in Brooklyn, to promote their new album Konk scheduled to be released in the States on April 15th. They will play at Club Underground at the Echo on February 8th in LA, following their February 7 show at the Troubadour, which sold out in minutes.

The band are also set to play the Music Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn on February 12.

Recorded for the BBC to commemorate the 40th anniversary of BBC Radio 1, as part of a series where the radio station chose 40 bands to cover a song from each year since it was established in 1967, the Kooks chose to cover Ace of Base's "All That She Wants" to represent 1993.

Listen here:

The Kooks - All That She Wants (Originally By Ace Of Base)


Read the full list of 40 bands and the song that they chose to cover for the BBC here

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