Sunday, April 1, 2007

Glasto Sells Out

Twice the size of Bonnaroo and sold out in 90 minutes. That is an incredible feat. And there is no doubt that the same thing would have happened whether the lineup was already annouced or not. Attendees of Glastonbury do go for the music, but mostly they go for the event. To be able to say that they were there. The artists are secondary. I'm sure that there are a number of music lovers who would attend Bonnaroo no matter who was playing, but I believe that the majority would need to see a lineup before deciding the spend almost $200 on a ticket, not to mention the cost of getting to Manchester, TN. If Bonnaroo keeps the momentum going, I do belive that they will soon be able to sell out their allotment before any lineup is annouced. They sold pre-lineup announcement tickets this year as a trial, and all that was made available was purchased.

This summer's Glastonbury Festival has sold out in just 90 mins. 135,000 tickets have been purchased, there will be a second stage of ticket sales for those that cannot attend, as this year tickets are non transferable, but these numbers will be clearly extremely low.

As previously reported, The Killers, Arctic Monkeys and The Who are the three main headliners at the summer event.

Amongst the other acts now confirmed to play are Babyshambles, The Good, The Bad And The Queen, Amy Winehouse, Bjork, Bloc Party and Lily Allen.

Arcade Fire, The View, CSS, The Stooges, Mika, Paul Weller, Joss Stone, The Rakes, Joss Stone and The Klaxons will also perform.

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