Sunday, April 1, 2007

Rolling Stone: Bands to Watch

In the current issue of Rolling Stone, they list the latest batch of artists they consider to be on the rise. I'd only heard of four of these bands before reading this list, so that leaves me with some research to do. I've been pretty excited for Rose Hill Drive for a while and more recently UK chart leaders The Fratellis. I strongly recommend them both. For a taste of the smashing Rose Hill Drive, check out their live take on their own 'Reptilian Blues' from 12/30/06.

1) The Academy Is . . .
THE FORMULA (Fall Out Boy - Fat Guy) + Skid Row = The Academy Is...

2) Mika
THE FORMULA (Freddie Mercury x George Michael) + The Circus = Mika

3) Lavender Diamond
THE FORMULA (The Carpenters - Anorexia) + Idealism = Lavender Diamond

4) Rich Boy
THE FORMULA Young Jeezy + Academic Skills = Rich Boy

5) The Fratellis
THE FORMULA (The Libertines - Self-Destruction) + iPod = The Fratellis

6) Charlotte Gainsbourg
THE FORMULA (Feist + Edith Piaf) x Synths = Charlotte Gainsbourg

7) Lifesavas
THE FORMULA (De La Soul - P.M. Dawn) x Dolomite = Lifesavas

8) Amy Winehouse
THE FORMULA (Aretha Franklin x Janis Joplin) - Food = Amy Winehouse

9) Manchester Orchestra
THE FORMULA (Death Cab x Bright Eyes) - Record Deal = Manchester Orchestra

10) Rose Hill Drive
THE FORMULA (Cream + Bon Scott) x Big Cool Friend = Rose Hill Drive

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