Monday, January 7, 2008

The Weight, Did You Know: Slash Edition

So I took the plunge and bought Howard TV for the month. Howard TV is an On Demand channel which is very similar to Howard's now defunct E show except it's uncensored. So, clearly I bought the channel purely so I can look at Slash's ugly mug.

In the name of good journalism (or at least a new blog entry), I watched the Slash interview. Here is what I didn't know about Slash. Did You Know?

Slash's father is a British, Jewish Caucasian guy and his mother is African-American.

Slash's parents got a divorce when he was 9 years old; his mom's first boyfriend was David freaking Bowie. (His Mom designed Bowie's clothing and it "got romantic".)

Slash first got high when he was 12 by smoking cocaine with one of his mother's boyfriends.

Slash only learned chord charts for one artist: Ray Charles.


WeightStaff said...

Old news...

Try this lesser known fact:

Slash's signature top hat is a combination of 2 stolen items from his younger years on the Strip: a top hat (obviously) and a southwestern-style belt that he cut in half and wrapped around the hat. It has become a permanent fixture ever since.

His father also worked w/ Neil Young back in the 70's in some capacity, but I don't remember how...


WeightStaff said...

This was what I "Didn't Know" about Slash so lay off man. So, like, are you on MySpace?