Monday, August 4, 2008

Bonnaroo + iTunes = Major Disappointment

Day 1: We arrive at the parking lot for the obligatory "car search." The staff is handing out promotional iTunes gift cards. At first glance we think, this is great, "30 free songs...Jackpot!"

Day 2: We return to the parking lot. Again, the staff is handing out iTunes gift cards -- thousands of them. We get another three cards. Do they not realize (or care) that we got them yesterday? Must be a mistake. Will we get caught? Now we've each got 60 free songs from iTunes! I'm already making a list of which Grateful Dead Downloads and Dick's Picks I'd be purchasing upon my arrival home (I lost about 90% of my Dead songs when my old iPod crashed)

The Fine Print: Bonnaroo Sweet Sounds Vol. 15: A special collection of songs from Bonnaroo artists for our fans [now very suspicious]

Not as good, but still a great lineup: Pearl Jam, Levon, Metallica, MMJ, Phil Lesh, Wille Nelson, Raconteurs...Plenty of songs to download.

Today, after downloading the Bonnaroo Sweet Sounds sampler: No Pearl Jam, no Phil, no Metallica, no Jack Johnson (not that I like Jack Johnson), no Vampire Weekend, no Raconteurs, no B.B. King, no Gogol Bordello, no Felice Brothers, no Willie Nelson, no Robert Plant, no Dark Star Orchestra, no MMJ...just one Levon Helm song. So basically, 1 song out of 41 that I will listen to (maybe).

Great exposure for the unknowns; Apple makes out from impulse buyers; Good for those who like Colour Revolt, Ladytron or Jessie Baylin; Bad for me.

Like most things in life, this was too good to be true.

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