Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Burial Unearthed

This news is a few weeks old now, but I never got around to posting it. It's a story that seemingly could only be dreamed up by a PR firm. But it wasn't.

The story begins:
A few weeks ago a young British artist updated his MySpace blog and added a photo. No big deal I hear you cry, and ordinarily you'd be quite right. But on this occasion the details in question belonged to the spectral figure at the pinnacle of Britain’s ferociously underground dubstep movement, who beforehand had preferred the blanket anonymity of being known only as Burial. And in finally revealing his real identity, a man with the public profile of a spy became national news.

Almost immediately speculation began to proliferate about who could've been capable of moulding these largely nascent ingredients into something so fully formed. For a long period of time Richard D. James (AKA Aphex Twin) was the popular favourite, whilst wilder gossip threw Fatboy Slimmer Norman Cook's name into the melee.

Read the full story about Burial's decision to reveal himself to the world here.

I personally love this guy's music. I can't get enough of it. It's music I can lose myself in and nod my head to and realize that an hour has passed when it felt like five minutes. Pitchfork makes a valiant attempt to describe the mostly indescribable sound of Untrue in their 8.4 Rated review: "It quivers like a hissing light bulb, one that illuminates the tracks scattered around it-- garage, dubstep, soul-- and in doing so smears them into unique shapes. Untrue shows the hunched, unreadable form of Burial's refusenik stance-- back turned, hands shoved in pockets-- and practically commands you to follow."

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