Monday, August 4, 2008

Overtime: Will Ferrell as Tiger Woods

With this post, I'm starting a new feature where I will bring you sports-related news more than two weeks after it happened. Genius, right? This new column is in no way merely a cover for my being late to the game in watching some videos from last month's airing of the 16th ESPY awards. From now on, I plan to draw attention to many many more sports highlights that are well past relevancy. I know....I can't wait either!! And now, here is the first Overtime:

I have no idea if the whole world has already seen this clip. I don't really watch ESPN much anymore since all I ever do in the mornings these days is try to be less late to work than the day before. I would so much though love to check back in with Charlie Steiner and Kenny Mayne while eating Eggo's. But that train has sailed.

So I was searching through YouTube for Justin Timberlake's show-starting monologue, which according to Page 2's Bill Simmons and my brother (watched via his iPhone) was pretty damn funny. But, instead of finding the audience participation-oriented opener from the star of Alpha Dog, I found this hysterical acceptance speech featuring Will Ferrell as Tiger Woods for the 2008 Male Athlete of The Year. Will has been known to take miscalculated risks in his many many appearances on the stages of awards shows, but this one is played perfectly. Enjoy:

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