Monday, August 4, 2008


Who are these people that ruin concerts? You know the type: they have an uncontrollable urge to request the band's most popular song at every possible moment (as if the band is going to play it for that reason); they throw objects onto the stage; they flail their arms, knock into you and step on your feet while "dancing;" they hold up flags and signs that block your $75 view; they are unable to control their drunkenness; they clap and cheer after anything spoken by the band; they are constantly whistling in your ear; and naturally, they have no regard for your presence or anyone else's for that matter. They treat the concert as their own private forum to do whatever the hell it is they want to do. Their sense of entitlement sickens me. I hate these people. They are the Concertwreckers.

Have you no shame? Have you no respect? Have you no manners? I've come to realize that these people aren't "fans" at all -- they are selfish, narcissistic attention seekers who make their point by acting like assholes. Ironically, the only [negative] attention they get is from the audience.

This occurrence has happened at virtually every show I've seen -- and I've seen a lot of shows. And the fact that most of the concerts I see are in New York doesn't help. In essence, you have thousands of Tony Soprano wannabes yelling out "Free Bird" at an Eagles concert! Worst yet, they actually think people are clapping with them in approval. Give me a fucking break!!! Have you ever seen concert footage from Japan? The level of respect is outstanding. People actually watch the show. You could hear a pin drop.

One instance that immediately comes to mind is a Neil Young show I saw last year. Not only did some asshole feel the need to yell "Dance Dance Dance" after every song, but some elder floozy insisted on gracing us with her screeching vocal accompaniment during each song. It was like a tone deaf Joni Mitchell on crack. It was so bad that she was justifiably cursed at by several audience members and was ultimately escorted out by the police. Sadly, this event stands out in my head more than the concert itself. Thanks for ruining my experience.

Yesterday, I read a review of one of the Eddie Vedder shows that took place in Boston this past weekend. Apparently, an overzealous audience member insisted (loudly and repeatedly) that Eddie play "Pearl Jam songs." Vedder, in typical fashion responded, "So my answer to you is, yes, I would love an omelet." Why didn't Dylan think of that?!?

Bottom line: Stop annoying us. Stop drinking until your blind drunk. Stop yelling "Free Bird." Stop coming to shows. Keep your fucking mouth shut, and for God's sake, stop wrecking concerts!


Scott Bernstein said...

GREAT post. I hate those fuckers.

Anonymous said...

I had no idea that all this time you fans didnt appreciate my "connection with the performer." How else will Neil Young know that I know his other songs unless I yell out the names of them repeatedly? How else can I prove to Neil Young that I am a better fan than everyone else unless I call out the names of songs that I think he is going to play based on where he puts the capo on the guitar? what if im wrong four out of five times. How else will Neil Young know that he should have recorded an awkward three part harmony on "Old Man" unless I sing it for him?

-seat 124
(you may remember me as the woman who got tossed from United Palace Theater)

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Wow, I could not agree more! For the prices we have to pay to see a show (especially for good seats) I think every person should be INTERVIEWED as they enter the venue. If they can't pass the test (for example, at Eddie Vedder's concert they should be able to name ten songs he did WITHOUT Pearl Jam" they are not allowed in. Anyone who sings along loud enough for anyone near them to hear should be jolted with a small electric current until they get the point to shut up. No banners allowed. No one anywhere NEAR the front unless they are a bona fide fan of the artist not some attention getter that got the tickets for free and couldn't give a shit about the music.

I love the audience at Bruce shows, they usually are not idiots.

Anonymous said...

Concert Wreckers struck again at United Palace Theater.

What is it about Peal Jam that makes meat-heads and jocks go nuts? Somehow pearl jam attracts douchbag nickelback/creed fans or something. Last night at United Palace Theater, a literal rock cathedral, a place where Eddie Vedder hoped to put on a show, 1 part campfire sing along, 1 part protest march, clearly a special show...but of course out come the the concert wreckers. Screaming "eddie," or the guy that thinks its hilarious to scream "doooh ittt," or how bout the a-hole who insists on screaming out requests as though this wasn't an $80 ticket to see eddie vedder, but instead Bob n Norm at the Back Fence.

Mr. Vedder eventually quited them down by telling the crowds that all he hears when people shout at the stage is a grumbled take on "im an idiot."

Highlights at the show:
Cat stevens: Trouble on electric guitar
Bob Dylan: Girl from the North Country (apparently the first time he's played it live- he had a lyric sheet to read from)
Acoustic "Porch"
Lennon/McCartney "hide your love away"
Some interesting vocal looping (think a mix between beatles "beacuase" and a Tibetan Monk's chant.

Eddie was relaxed, comfortable enough to demonstrate his semi-capable harmonica/ukulele/mandolin playing, and comfortable enough with what he was doing, and who he was playing for that he didn't seem to mind the few times he had to start and stop and start again because of some forgotten lyrics.

He put on an entertaining show busting out softer, sometimes more colorful stripped down versions for 2 full hours.