Thursday, August 7, 2008

Phlashback: The Old Home Page

With the return of Andy Gadiel's Phish page, a website that was my homepage for many many months in college, I have been feeling very nostalgic recently for the good ol' days of Phish. The days of long tours, mail order envelopes, and Fishman stage left. While perusing the PT boards, I stumbled on a post that linked to the official Phish homepage circa 1997. In viewing the home page, the news page, and the tour dates listings, even more than Gadiel's page, vivid memories of viewing this site regularly came rushing back. Memories of new tour dates being released and the immediate decisions being made about which shows I would hit and who I would mail order with. And memories college life and my college friends.

Seeing this page now after ten years is an experience like I have not had before online. The Internet is relatively new thing, but being able to see a website the way it was a decade ago really does result in a trip down memory lane. I wonder if it will trigger the same emotions for you too. Check it out here.

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