Friday, August 22, 2008

Team USA: Having a Volley Ball

It's 2:52 AM. I'm still up. I'm working towards a Friday COB deadline for work. Thank god for the Olympics because they've been keeping me company as I've worked crazy late each night this week. The US Mens Indoor Volleyball team just beat the mighty Russians in a 5-set nail biter, live from Beijing, to advance to the gold medal game in a couple days. I'm going to take this opportunity to share my favorite rendition of a patriotic song, Ray Charles' America The Beautiful, to celebrate the victory. Any chance I can get to post Brother Ray singing this song, I'm going to take it. I got to watch the men's beach volleyball team beat up on the Brazilians earlier tonight for the gold and I caught the women's beach volleyball gold medal win last night.

If the US had lost, I think I would have posted The Beatles' 'I'm So Tired' instead.



Ryan D said...

Speaking of the Olympics, I didn't see the opening ceremony live but DVR'd it. Brokaw did an intro just before it and while he was discussing some of the Chinese recent history, China Cat Sunflower was jammed in the background. My brother and I's jaws dropped and just smiled. Siiick. So fun hearing a Dead tune unexpectedly. Cheers to that Head who inserted that one!

Anonymous said...

Ray Charles does a fantastic cover of Mark West's America the Beautiful.