Friday, August 29, 2008

How Someday Finally Came

Read the story of how Bob Dylan was responsible for John Fogerty returning to his CCR catalog.

An excerpt:
But it was five months earlier that the cracks appeared in the dam. Fogerty went to a Taj Mahal show at the Palomino, a tiny Los Angeles club. In the audience were two other rockers - Bob Dylan and George Harrison. Veteran music journalist Todd Everett recalls seeing Fogerty and gently nudging him toward the other two. Within minutes, all three were onstage, and at Dylan's insistence, the legend went, Fogerty gave in and played Proud Mary.

Fans also credit that night with the genesis of the Traveling Wilburys, with Dylan and Harrison playing in a supergroup. The Wilburys' first album would be recorded in May of 1988. While a 1990 trip to Robert Johnson's grave got Fogerty, 63, fully on board with his old material, Dylan got the ball rolling.

Update: Download this show!!

The Silver Wilburys

Guest appearance with Taj Mahal and The Graffiti Band.
Live at the Palomino Club, North Hollywood (CA) on 19 Feb 1987.
The band: Jesse Ed Davis, Taj Mahal, George Harrison, Bob Dylan, John Fogerty

01- Farther On Down The Road
02- Introductions
03- Matchbox
04- Knock On Wood
05- Midnight Hour
06- Honey Don't
07- Blue Suede Shoes
08- Watching The River Flow
09- Proud Mary
10- Johnny B. Goode
11- Hand Jive
12- Peggy Sue
13- Dizzy Miss Lizzy
14- Lucille
15- Twist and Shout

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Anonymous said...

Now this is what the blog should be all about.

I will do my best to post something after the Taj Mahal show scheduled for October 4, 2008.

should be a good one.
Taj just put out a "collaboration album" featuring Ben Harper, Jack Johnson, Angelique Kidjo, Los Lobos, Ziggy Marley and more. Perhaps BBKINGS club might attract some special guests.

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