Friday, February 16, 2007

Anchorman...The Legend of Ron Corning?!?!

So this blog has mainly been about music. For my post about Chris Webber, I even felt compelled to blend it with a little Joni Mitchell flavor. But I am going to post what has been on my mind this morning. Because New York has been so cold lately, I have been taking the subway for my eight block/three avenue commute to work. And every day I am greeted by the same advertisement for 'Good Day New York', the local morning news program.The male anchor is named Ron Corning.

Was Will Ferrell's character in the Anchorman movie, Ron Burgundy, a take off of this guy? It's just a first name they share, that can't be anything but a coincidence, right?

But wait, do you remember what Christina Applegate's character's name was. It was Veronica Corningstone! The writer must have just split his name up for the two main characters in the movie!!

And of course, who is Ron Corning's co-anchor on 'Good Day New York'? It's Jodi Applegate! Now you might consider me crazy for figuring this out (I consider it genius) but you have to remember that when you are on a REALLY crowded subway with nowhere to move, babies crying, a guy basically spooning you, and seven faces staring at you from all angles, you would keep your eyes on the advertisements also!


Q said...

I know your brother. And yes, you are a genius for figuring this out. Keep up the good work.

Chus said...

This is what I think: Jodi Applegate

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