Saturday, February 24, 2007

It's Been Such a Long Time

With the recent news of classic rock bands reuniting, I'd like to add the rumors I've been reading about Boston. It appears that key members of the original lineup are planning a comeback album and tour of their own in 2007:

"Another significant piece of news for Boston was that Tom Scholz [the creative force behind the band] and original guitarist Barry Goudreau have overcome their previous differences and have rekindled their friendship. While it is not immediately known if Goudreau will contribute to the upcoming Boston album, there has been speculation that a reunion is inevitable. This is due to Goudreau having a robust connection with Delp over the last 30 years in Boston, Orion the Hunter, the Barry Goudreau solo project, RTZ, and the Delp-Goudreau sessions, Goudreau's reported desire to work with Scholz and Delp on a "classic" Boston project, and the promoting industries desire to package and promote reunited bands such as was the case in 2007 with The Police and Van Halen. However, Goudreau has said that as of 2006 he has not been invited to rejoin or participate with the band.

There are rumors of a spring or summer tour in 2007, and it is currently confirmed by the band that it is in the planning stages"

Boston Trivia: Their debut album, Boston, ranks as the second best selling debut album in USA history , with over 17 million copies sold (the Norah Jones debut album, Come Away with Me sold over twenty million copies).

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