Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Inside the Guitarist's Studio

Thank you to the 92 St. Y for posting our comments on last nights event. See it here

UPDATE: Download the entire interview
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I have seen Trey Anastasio in a live setting many many times, as a member of: Phish, the Trey Anastasio Band, 70 Volt Parade, G.R.A.B., and Phil and Friends. Never have I seen him as I did this evening. Throughout an interview tonight at the 92nd St Y on the Upper East Side of the borough of Manhattan, I witnessed Trey the human being rather than Trey the guitar hero. He came across as a man who is at a significant crossroads in his life. Having recently begun a stint in rehab following an arrest for DUI and possession, Trey reflected on the highs and lows that came along with being a part of the band that Rolling Stone branded the most important band of the 90's. He seemed incredibly humble about how lucky he has been in life, despite his recent difficulties.

Some of the highlights:

He credited the phans with making him realize that he had a problem with drugs and needed help.

He said that being on stage again with Phish would make him the happiest guy in the world. -- this resulted in quite an ovation from the crowd!

He hypothesized about why Phish was able to become so popular in the cultural context of the 90s.

Following the interview tonight, I am excited as I have been, in the years since Phish broke up, about the possibility of a reunion. And what makes me so excited is that Trey doesn't just want it to happen, he needs it to happen.

In honor of Trey's interview tonight, please enjoy this clip of a song containing some of Phish's most personal lyrics:

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