Monday, February 19, 2007

Box of Rainn

SNL has finally secured itself a host that has the internet buzzing....Is it Tom?....Leo?....Jack?....Bobby D? Nope, its none of those A-listers. It's Rainn Wilson! Can you believe it!! RAINN WILSON is hosting SNL!!!

That's right, The Office's Dwight will be hosting Saturday Night Live on 2/24 along with hipster favorites Arcade Fire. And I have already set the Tivo. I don't know anyone who watches his show that doesn't find themselves laughing out loud on a regular basis. And he's a big reason why it's become such a success. So The Office is on NBC and SNL is on NBC...cross promotion, of course...but I think they've made an excellent decision here and selected a host that will actually have people talking about Saturday Night Live again. When's the last time that happened? Oh...right...Dick in a Box....I mean before that....

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