Monday, February 19, 2007

Merger. Siriusly...

XM and Sirius, the two satellite radio companies, are announing a merger of their businesses (and ultimately channels). Finally! I mean, I got Sirius radio purely for Howard Stern. I learned shortly thereafter that the music was repetitive, and in a word, crap. How many times can I listen to the new Panic at the Disco! song without going insane.

Ok, I didn't just get it for Howard. I wanted to be inspired by new music, finding artists I never would normally go out of my way to listen to. I wanted deep tracks off of albums I put on a shelf years ago. And what did I really get...Rihanna followed by Ciara. Aren't they the same person?

I've always heard XM was the better station for diehard music lovers. Now I'll know sooner than later. Although, I'm sure I'll have to buy new hardware for $400+. You really think all of the radio's out there today are gonna magically be able to receive the combined stations.

I just hope they don't take away 'The Coffee House'. My personal favorite. And of course 'Jam On'. And now I will get Bob Dylan's channel!! In reality, I'm sure the soonest we will have XM/Sirius devices it will probably be mid-2008. So I guess I can continue to listen to my TRL, I mean Sirius device, for a while longer.

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