Saturday, February 17, 2007

Good On Ya, Jet

Jet put on a good live show. I saw them open for Oasis on two occasions in 2005, at Madison Square Garden in NY and at Merriweather Post Pavilion in MD. I imagine that they would have been even better if it was a proper gig and not simply an opening set. Unfortunately, good music aside, I personally think they came across as too cocky and didn't connect with the crowd on either occasion. I accept that this is their MO, but it still rubbed me the wrong way. In my opinion, Oasis pull off the rock star swagger much better. Jet shouldn't need to incite excitement by making the crowd get up and clap along, it should happen organically, because the crowd is feeling it. If given the chance, I think they would have.

The reason I'm even writing about Jet is because I just found this news story in the NME archive. I'm not sure how I missed it when it was originally posted on 12/12/06, but reading it now, I think Spaceland must have been a pretty fucking cool place to be on that night, unneccesary rock star posturing and all. Props to Jet for executing this event.

Editor's Note: This is probably the last time Chris Robinson and Jet will share the same stage as Jet frontman Nic Cester reportedly recently started dating Robinson's ex, Kate Hudson.

Jet play all star show in Los Angeles
Slash and Black Crowes team-up with the Aussies

Performing at Spacelands, the band were joined onstage by a host of local talent, including former Guns N Roses guitarist Slash.

Firstly the band recruited the Waters Sisters, who sang on Jet's last album, for 'Shine On' and 'All You Have To Do', before being joined by Slash. The Velvet Revolver man linked up for a cover of the Rolling Stones' 'Salt Of The Earth'.

The Aussies were then joined by the Black Crowes' Chris Robinson, who sang on 'Be My Baby'. The singer then performed a cover of The Faces' 'Miss Judy's Farm' with Jet, which also saw Sex Pistols guitarist Steve Jones - now a Los Angeles radio DJ - joining in.

Jet concluded their all-star show by returning to The Faces, getting all their guests back on stage for a roof-raising version of 'Ooh La La'.

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