Monday, February 26, 2007

I Wanna Rock: Bang Camaro

I was just watching local cable channel CN8 and on came what I believed to be just another local band who were lucky enough to make it onto a crappy local broadcast. But instead of changing the channel, I found myself thinking that these guys are awesome! It turns out that they've been gaining steam as a result of their appearance on video game Guitar Hero II and they just sold out the 500-capacity Paradise Rock Club in Boston for their CD release show. Impressive. If this is any indication of what the kids want to hear these days, we're in good hands.

From the bands FAQ:

Q: What kind of music is Bang Camaro?
A: We call ourselves the evolution of hard rock. We took everything we loved about the genre from the '80's, and threw everything out that we hated. In other words, we got rid of the verses. Who wanted to hear the lead singer rhyme 'fire' and 'desire'? What we ended up with are huge gang choruses and guitar solos. It's not everyone's thing, and that's cool.

Q: Why do you have 20 lead singers?
A: We actually have anywhere between 10 to 20 lead singers on a given night. We wanted to get the huge gang vocals that arena bands had in the '80's and recreated those lives. Back then, a lot of bands resorted to samples. We do it with raw dude power.

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rodvanstoli said...

hey there!
this is rodrigo van stoli, camaro lead vox. thanks for the props! have you befriended us on myspace yet? please do. it's awesome to hear that you dug our stuff.