Wednesday, February 14, 2007

FYO: For Your Outformation

Outformation - 2/13/2007 - Iota - Arlington, VA

On an icy winter night, one where most folks stayed safe at home, a few brave souls trekked out to a tiny club in Arlington to bask in the heat that is Outformation. Led by former Widespread Panic guitar tech Sam Holt, Outformation sounded even better than I imagined they would. As the band jammed out their brand of psychedelic/southern rock, and I closed my eyes allowing myself to get lost in the jam, I couldnt help but picture myself seeing Micheal Houser-era Panic up close and personal. It's no coincidence that Sam's guitar sound is eerily reminiscent of Mikey's. Not only did Sam spend a great deal of time setting up Mike's guitar, amp, rig, and cabinet every night on Panic tour, he still sets up that same equipment and guitar on his own band's stage. Sam bought the guitar, and the rest of the setup was a gift from Mike before he passed away. The remainder of the musicians in this band are equally talented and deserve to be mentioned here as well. I am certain that Outformation will be playing much bigger places once word spreads about just how good their live show is. And when that happens, the opportunity to see them this close up will be gone. Do yourself a favor and check out Outformation when they come to town.

Listen to Outformation's 01/20/07 show

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