Saturday, February 17, 2007

And We All Shine On...

Foreword: This post is inspired by my iPod random playlist.

I always wanted to be a radio DJ. So here goes:

"Happy Saturday everybody! This is WNYC and we are bringing you the greatest hits from my iPod on this 17th of February, 2007. It's a sunny and downright balmy 30 degrees in the Big Apple. It's so sunny you can leave the gloves and mittens at home kids, for the first time in weeks. Don't forget, we got traffic and weather together on the 8's and without further ado...Enjoy these two sunshine inspired tunes".

"That was John Lennon's 'Instant Karma'. John, we need you and your songs now more than ever. And now let's follow the theme, here is a classic from Collective Soul, with 'Shine'."

"Did I mention it might snow tomorrow?!?"

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gledwood said...

John Lennon .... why do all the best ones get taken from us??

He was an arrogant git though. And a genius. A flawed person. A rounded person. Just like you. Just like me.

Well this is a fascinating blog of yours. I'm glad I found it. (& found you quite by chance.)

I keep one too. I'm at You're most welcome to drop by if you like. It is quite different to yours.

Well take care now & all the best to you -