Monday, February 12, 2007

The Police to Headline Bonnaroo 2007

I have been to Bonnaroo four of the five years that the festival has been in existence. Something keeps drawing me back to a field in the middle of Tennessee that allows me, to quote Billy Joel, forget about life for a while. And this year appears to be no different, as The Police are slated to headline the festival. Tennessee, There Ain't No Place I'd Rather Be.

One thing that is quite interesting, that is yet to be fully explored, is the reasoning behind playing Bonnaroo rather than Coachella this year. After all, Bonnaroo is notoriously a jam band festival while Coachella typically gets the indie/mainstream rock bands and the big reunion shows (Crowded House, Rage, Jesus and Mary Chain this year). Of course, all of that drastically changed when Radiohead played Bonnaroo last year. But they had played Coachella once before back in 2004. My guess is due to the love and enthusiasm Police drummer Stewart Copeland felt while playing with Oysterhead (consisting of Stewart, Trey Anastasio, and Les Claypool) at the Bonnaroo festival last year he felt this was the best place to put on a show for 70,000+ music fans. As Coachella's password to purchase tickets was 'Roxanne', it seems they were being a bit presumptuous. Sorry Coachella, Bonnaroo's got you this year, and my money.

Exclusive: The Police Visiting Bonnaroo, Fenway On Reunion Tour

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