Monday, February 19, 2007

Newsflash: Derek Trucks Is Good

Astonishingly, Derek Trucks, albeit upside-down, is on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. I would have bet you my car that he would never appear on the cover of that magazine. Fortunately, I would never have been presented with that bet because it was unfathomable until it happened. And it's not because he isn't talented enough for the cover of a magazine, it's because they don't put you on the cover of that magazine for talent anymore.

I, for one, think Derek is one of the most exciting things happening in music today. He doesn't want to be a rock star and that is so refreshing. He just wants to play his guitar and move people with his music. How many musicians on the cover of Rolling Stone truly fit into that category these days? I've seen Derek live in concert with both the Allman Brothers Band and his own band...and I was moved.

Rolling Stone is currently featuring The Top 20 New Guitar Gods. On their website, they offer a video clip of John Frusciante, John Mayer, and Derek Trucks playing their guitars during the RS cover photoshoot. I'm a fan of the John's, but it is so clear from this clip that Derek is in a different league from them...and that's saying ALOT when comparing him to the three out of twenty "new guitar gods" that they chose for the COVER.

You can play the video from the following link. Be patient for Derek's turn to take the lead. You will not be disappointed:

Cover Shoot Guitar Jam

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