Saturday, March 17, 2007

Clapton Airs His Dirty Laundry

Am I referring to an in depth interview with Charlie Rose? Perhaps Clapton wanted to hype his treatment center in the Bahamas and went on The View to discuss addiction? Or maybe he contacted Perez Hilton directly to complain about his subpar bandmates. Nope, he actually was doing his Los a public laundromat.


Eric Clapton is appearing at the Staples Center this week and we're wondering if he'll make another appearance at a West Hollywood laundromat that he visited last time he was in LA. Locals doing their Friday laundry at The Washing Machine on 3rd Street at Sweetzer a few months ago were surprised when a Porsche pulled up and rock legend Eric Clapton nonchalantly got out with a bag of dirty clothes. He happily did two loads, and according to witnesses, he returned the following weekend and did it again. Why would a rock superstar do his OWN laundry? Locals have been puzzled ever since. But they're hoping he'll be back.

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