Sunday, March 11, 2007

Simon Cowell: Man of the Year

There is nothing I hate more than celebrities who talk but say nothing interesting, entertainment television shows that merely serve as publicity for tv and film studios, and overly happy talk shows which don't have any honesty or realness to them what so ever. Which is why I love Simon Cowell.

When people talk to each other, they talk about real things. Like "This person is a moron", "That girl is hot", "Your friend over there looks like a disaster". But when it comes to tv, everyone is promoting something or trying to seem perfect or do their best to not upset anyone. And most people tune out, because its not reality.

But Simon says what he is thinking. He will laugh at someone who deserves to be lauged at. He will call you out if you are acting immature or self-indulgent. Check out this clip from Extra where Simon gets interviewed by his girlfriend Terri Seymour about Kelli Pickler's new look on American Idol. And the best part of the clip...the caption says: "Simon has I-Rack Policy for Pickler"!! Some intern really nailed that one...

Simon's dishes on Kelli Pickler's "new" look...

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