Friday, March 30, 2007

West Virgina - Your 2007 NIT Champs

Congratulations to West Virgina for winning the 2007 NIT Championship.

I'd say thats a pretty fierce backhanded compliment. I know I wouldn't celebrate winning 66th place out of all men's D1 college basketball programs. I think the facial expressions of the players in the picture kind of say it all, don't ya think. And as if hoisting the loser's, ahem...I mean winner's trophy, isn't enough of an embarrasing photo op...Did you catch the wonderful mispelling of the state of West Virginia on the team's t-shirts. Thats V-I-R-G-I-N-A. As Bill Simmon's would say (Bill, who writes for, is by far the best sports writer/blogger out there) this is WAY HIGH on the Unintentional Comedy Scale. To whomever is responsible, thanks for brightening my day!

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