Sunday, March 4, 2007

NYCs Finest: Mark West @ The Back Fence

On a nightly basis in a little bar called The Back Fence, on the corner of Bleeker and Thompson, you can hear Neil Young, Bruce Springsteen, George Harrison and Tom Petty all coming out of the amps on the tiny stage towards the back. Open until 4AM nightly, this establishment in the Village hosts a rotating cast of live bands that all perform classic rock classics. If you're really lucky, you'll arrive on a night when a bass player named Mark West is performing. He's usually sitting in as a member of the Vinnie Ferrone Band, singing and playing on his signature tunes Mustang Sally, America The Beautiful, and Ain't No Sunshine.

In this clip filmed at The Back Fence, that I was oh so excited to discover, Mark is in fine form singing The Band's most famous track, The Weight, along with Back Fence regular Tom Riccobono and Jimmy Vivino, guitar player from Conan O' Brien's houseband.

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