Sunday, March 11, 2007

Trouble in Radio Paradise

I have listened to many Internet radio stations over the years, but the only one that has had me coming back consistently is Radio Paradise ( I have to credit that site with significantly expanding my exposure to bands I would not have been introduced to otherwise. In some other cases, I was familiar with a band's name but had never heard any of their material until I heard it there. I suppose that others have found their favorite Internet radio station as well; one that they believe was customized for them. Radio Paradise was it for me.

Just going to the site now and reviewing the last few songs played, I am reminded of a number of the many artists that I heard there first that I then became a fan of. Artists like Patty Griffin, The Eels, and Joseph Arthur are on that list.

This article from the LA Times details the recently legislated royalty increase on music that is broadcast online, that many Internet radio providers feel will put them out of business when they go into effect. This is very sad.

The director of Radio Paradise is quoted as saying, "Unless we can find an alternative to paying the published rates, there's no feasible way we can continue," said Bill Goldsmith, who operates an online rock-music station called Radio Paradise in Paradise, Calif. He estimated that he would owe $650,000 in royalties under the new fee structure in 2007 — 25% more than he expected to pull in this year from listener donations."

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