Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Story of Eddie Rebel

These days, it is a rare occasion when you hear a song on the radio you know you will remember 20 years from now. Rarer is the artist who wrote a multitude of these songs -- all of which will be remembered for decades. Tom Petty is one of those rare talents; "Into the Great Wide Open" is one of those rare songs.

From the opening E minor chords, the song introduces the listener into the ill-fated world of Eddie Rebel. Maybe the song's appeal lies with the fact that it is hauntingly reminiscent of something George Harrison would have written in his post-Beatles period, or maybe Petty wrote the song as an omen to what would eventually become the future of rock music. As for me, I just always wanted a roadie named "Bart." Either way, the tune remains a modern classic amongst a void of forgotten songs.

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